relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work


a person who is creative, typically in a professional context.




the physical or social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops


Creative Milieu Consulting Group was founded by Jeremiah Ojo in 2012 to serve as a conduit for aiding creative professionals, policy makers and cultural institutions in connecting and establishing sustainable models for growing sectors of the creative economy. It is our firm's focus to facilitate the cultivation and preservation of artistic and cultural production in urban development.

Our consultancy model is based on one central theme: CONNECTIVITY. Connectivity is the thread woven in the fabric of our four portfolios of business:


Meet Our Team:

  Jeremiah O. Ojo   Managing Director & Lead Consultant    Los Angeles & Atlanta Offices

Jeremiah O. Ojo

Managing Director & Lead Consultant

Los Angeles & Atlanta Offices

Over the last decade, Jeremiah Ojo has become a sought after arts and culture management consultant, working internationally in artist development, gallery management & independent curation. His collaborative work with minority emerging contemporary artists, art institutions, corporations, and collectors has carved a pathway of connectivity for creative professionals throughout the African Diaspora. Haven worked with some of the largest black-owned fine art galleries in the American South, including September Gray Fine Art Gallery, Gallery Miriam, and ZuCot Gallery, Jeremiah has forged a collation of minority-owned galleries working uniformly to economically advance the artistic and cultural production of their communities.  In addition to working with independent artists and arts institutions as a consultant, Jeremiah has worked with the U.S. Embassy in Dakar as a Project Manager for the Cultural Affairs Office for which he co-curated 11 YALI Creatives from eight African countries in a group exhibition, Elsewhen, at the 2016 Dak’ART Biennale. 

Jeremiah splits his time between Los Angeles and Atlanta, while pursuing his Masters in Art Business at Sotheby's Institute of Art and Drucker School of Management. He currentluy serves on the board of Chop Art, Inc. and AIR Serene. As the Founder and Managing Director of Creative Milieu Consulting Group, he leads a team of consultants who skillfully aid creative professionals, art patrons, and institutions in sustainable social and economic growth.  




  Alexis McGrigg   Administrative Consultant.    Atlanta Office

Alexis McGrigg

Administrative Consultant.

Atlanta Office

Alexis McGrigg is an Arts Administrator and Artist with Creative Milieu. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Mississippi State University and her Master of Fine Art in Painting from Texas Tech University. She has been a practicing artist for ten years and an Arts Administrator for six years. Alexis has been an Administrative Assistant with the Sheldon Museum of Art where she assisted with design, editorial marketing, and social media outreach within the Marketing department, research and catalog management in the Curatorial department, and assembled an online training system for docent instruction in the Education department. She has served as the Assistant Director at Bill Lowe Gallery, where she coordinated all aspects of artist relations and contracts, acted as registrar for inventory management, audits, and shipping logistics, and provided integral organizational support through staff training, management of gallery systems and operations, and sales outreach.