Artist Entrepreneurial Development

If you are an emerging or mid-career artist looking to grow your career we are here to help. We understand the many challenges creative entrepreneurs face and we look to bridge the gap between aspiration and actualization. Through our Artist Entrepreneurial Development coaching sessions & webinars, our experienced consultants can work with you to define and bring clarity to your careers goals. 


Artist Intake Questionnaire

This preliminary questionnaire is structured to gather pertinent information about you for Creative Milieu to gauge how we can best assist you. Upon completing this questionnaire, you will receive a follow up email or call to schedule a meeting to discuss our consultancy's product and service offerings, tailored to your specific artistic entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our services focus on empowering, educating and managing creative professional's artistic and cultural production, while also maximizing opportunities for sustainable income.

Click here to view and fill out the Artist Intake Questionnaire.