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Creative Milieu embraces the global community of creative professionals of color through the following programs & platforms:

Art Speaks

Art Speaks is monthly speaker series that connects professional artists to High School art classes to discuss their professional practice, process and art entrepreneurship. Artists also engage with students by helping them, hands-on, with current art assignments and projects while sharing examples of their work. We rotate artists that live or work  near the schools to establish and build connectedness with community.  Currently we have partnered with Central Gwinnett High School's Fine Arts Academy  for the 2015-2016 school year.

Artist, Tamara Natalie Madden kicks of the Art Speaks Series with Central Gwinnett High School's entire Fine Arts Academy! 300 plus students!

 Artist Alfred Conteh engages students in class at Central Gwinnett High School's, Intro to Drawing Class.


Atlanta Creative Connection

Atlanta Creative Connection is an open & organic consortium that aims to connect & expose Atlantans interested in arts & cultural events throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Each month, we will host a "Creative Saturday" where members connect and attend an event or two and "break bread" afterwards to discuss & engage each other. Ideally the events would range from:

-Art exhibitions
-Speaker Series
-Museum visits
-Cultural Talks/Workshops
-Book signings
-Theatrical plays
-Blockbuster/Independent movie premieres
-Neighborhood History/Discovery Walks

We gladly welcome any and all people and suggestions for events. The goal is not to just attend these events as a large group but meet and connect with other creatives who are or want to be, immersed in these great events regularly. Atlanta is the Cultural Capital of the South and has much to offer its creative citizens. So invite a friend, attend a "Creative Saturday" and meet some interesting people!

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